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The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Nations (UN). It bridges the academic world and the UN system. Its goal is to develop sustainable solutions for current and future problems of humankind in all aspects of life. Through a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approach it aims at applied research and education on a global scale. UNU was founded in 1973 and is an autonomous organ of the UN General Assembly. The University comprises headquarters Tokyo, Japan, and more than a dozen Institutes and Programmes worldwide.


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    SOURCE 17/2013: From Social Vulnerability to Resilience

    Focusing on the overall topic of resilience and social vulnerability, this publication presents the outcomes of the 2012 UNU-EHS/MRF Summer Academy "From Social Vulnerability to Resilience: Measuring Progress toward Disaster Risk Reduction" and discusses and analyses specific approaches or topics related thereto. Within SOURCE No. 17, seven scientific papers present different case studies, such as social vulnerability assessment to natural hazards in Indonesia or risk assessment to extreme hydrometeorological events in Italy.

    SOURCE No. 17/2013 | Read more

  2. SOURCE 16/2012: Climate Change and Fragile States

    The 2011 Summer Academy "Climate Change and Fragile States: Rethinking Adaptation" aimed to establish guiding principles for international institutions for climate change adaptation in fragile states, focusing on exploring the institutional action in fragile states as well as international/institutional aid architecture. This SOURCE illustrates the outcomes of the Academy by presenting selected papers from PhD students who attended the 2011 Summer Academy. The papers identify obstacles to building resilience and explore different strategies and solutions to overcome them.

    SOURCE 16/2012 | Read more

  3. SOURCE 15/2011: Governments Need to Consider Additional Migration Management Policies and Strategies

    The new SOURCE issue "Climate Change and Migration: Rethinking Policies for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction", edited by Michelle Leighton, Xiaomeng Shen and Koko Warner, presents the outcomes of the 2010 Summer Academy "Protecting Environmental Migrants: Creating New Policy and Institutional Framework". Using case studies conducted in both developing and developed countries, selected papers of PhD students from different academic backgrounds identify legal and institutional gaps and explore possible policy options for decision makers to be able to better protect environmental migrants.

    SOURCE 15/2011 | Read more


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