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The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Nations (UN). It bridges the academic world and the UN system. Its goal is to develop sustainable solutions for current and future problems of humankind in all aspects of life. Through a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approach it aims at applied research and education on a global scale. UNU was founded in 1973 and is an autonomous organ of the UN General Assembly. The University comprises headquarters Tokyo, Japan, and more than a dozen Institutes and Programmes worldwide.


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Tobias Blätgen

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Research Associate


WISDOM Project

KIBEX Project

DAAD Summer School 2013

Tel.: + 49-228-815-0229



Tobias Blätgen holds a Diploma in Geography from the University of Bonn (Germany). He studied Geography, Urban Planning and Geology in Bonn (Germany) and Bergen (Norway). His focus is on vulnerability research, sustainable planning and climate change adaptation. Tobias completed his diploma thesis in 2012 on the topic of “climate proofing and risk assessment in the German planning environment”.

Working area at UNU-EHS

Tobias works as a Research Associate in the VARMAP section, contributing to the section’s activities in the context of the IPCC and UNISDR’s post-2015 processes. He organized the DAAD Summer School 2013 “Coping with Disasters and Climate Extremes” and supported the projects WISDOM, KIBEX and MOVE.

Since 2014 Tobias is responsible for the FP7 funded PEARL  project. In this context he is steering the activities on “risk and root cause assessments” from UNU-EHS side. Furthermore he is involved stakeholder involvement related to PEARL.

His main expertise is in GIS analysis, statistical data management, climate change adaptation concepts and vulnerability research.